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Linda Keeping

Strategy Superstar & Workflow Witch

I started my own business straight out of college - A private chef, cafe owner & caterer, serving Niagara and the GTHA. I learned quickly that wearing all of the hats is both mentally and physically exhausting.


Now, I'm the mother of 2 strong-willed children, intentionally creating a life I love on the beautiful East coast of Canada. Life is still busy, but filled with work and play that leaves me content, not crashing. I have time for my family, and time for my creative work (check out

The last few years have been about building a space for other entrepreneurs to find what they're looking for - support or guidance. Now, I proudly lead a solution-focused agency that champions work-life balance, continuous learning, and sharing outside-the-box ideas.

Brayden Spjuth

unnamed (1)_edited.jpg

Web Designer & Digital Media Master

I started my career as a nurse, learning to care for people empathetically in a variety of different specialties. Four years and 1 pandemic later, I realized that nursing didn't spark my passion anymore - so I took a leap and changed my entire life in the process.

I joined the Alchemy team after an intensive program in digital media - and I know I've found my place - still helping people, but in a different way.   

If you need someone to develop your brand strategy in a collaborative and empathetic way - I'm the one. Sessions with me start with a full website or social media audit, and then we build from there. You're always in charge of your own brand, and our work together will always be fully collaborative.

1960 - Started by Jack Wahl (of Wahl Clipper) 2007 - Acquired by Mike Gunderson & Kevin Ri
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Our Work

Alchemy can work magic with your social presence, website and workflows.

We can help build and manage your team, create efficient systems, then train your employees to maintain them.

Imagine making your to-do list, then having the tasks prioritized and delegated to the right people...

We do that too.

Working with Alchemy can free up your time and focus your energy back to your zone of magic.


Find the balance between their obligation and enjoyment. It IS possible.


The following list is a snapshot of the many programs and online tools our team has experience with.

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